Combination Helping Parkinsoní»s Disease

Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD


Parkinsoní»s Disease is a degenerative disease. Its symptoms are shown on the body. But the root of this problem is in the brain. Up to now, no body knows the underlying cause. The patients may start with a mild to moderate tremor of the hand(s) at first. Later they have the characteristic í░pill-rollingí▒ movement that their thumbs and forefingers rub against each other. At the beginning, they may feel muscular stiff, tired easily than usual. As developing of the disease, the patients may have drooling, poor appetite, body rigidity, stiff, a stooped, shuffling gait, and tremors.

       The experts have found, for patients with primary form of the disorder, their brain lost the cell that can manufacture dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that carries messages from one nerve cell to another. The cause of the loss of the brain cells that causes Parkinsoní»s disease is unknown. For the patients with a secondary form of the disorder, the dopamine receptor in their brain is blocked in some way.

       Traditional Chinese Medicine thinks Parkinsoní»s disease is resulted from the deficiency of the kidney and the liver. When people add age on, the energy of the kidney and the liver are gradually becoming low. Some people, especially, have chronic illness that can influence the energy of the kidney and the liver and make their energy low. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, the brain is the reservoir (sea) of marrow, which is formed by the kidney essence and connected with the kidney. And the liver has the function of storing blood, regulating its supply and governing normal flow of Chi (vital energy). As the energy of the kidney and the liver is low, the brain couldní»t be nourished well. So the Parkinsoní»s disease patients usually have the fixed facial expression, impaired speech, depression, slow action and etc.

       There is no curing solution for Parkinsoní»s disease. The main help from Western Medicine are surgery and taking drugs. In clinic, I have found, the patients, after surgery for years, still get the symptoms back sooner or later depending on the patientsí» health condition. Taking drugs can control Parkinsoní»s disease, but the patients have to keep increasing the dosages that may damage the kidney or the liver. Some patients believe the wine can help their problem. But they do not know drinking only release their symptoms temporarily and make the disease developing fast and worse in the future. For working many years in the clinic, I would suggest to use the combination of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to help Parkinsoní»s disease with better result. With traditional Chinese medicine care, especially, acupuncture or Yin TuiNa (one type of Chinese medical massage), the patients maintain the good result of the surgery, and remain or decrease the dosage of their drugs. The health condition of my Parkinsoní»s disease patients has improved in different level.

       Commonly, Parkinsoní»s disease happens to senior people. With this disease for long time, these people often combine with fatigue, depression, spasm, and constipation. Additionally, the patients have over high muscular tension and tremor. Their energy can be consumed more than normal people comparatively. There are some patients have the symptoms of dementia, decreased appetite or numbness on the feeling of hunger and fullness. So they need to be given what they should eat, such as, protein can supply nutrition, vegetables and fruits can avoid constipation, and seafood can prevent arteriosclerosis. If the patients sweat more, please remember to let them drink more water. As the disease developed, it is necessary to pay attention to their safety. For example, they may walk with walking stick, and wear easy cloth and shoes. Some patients may need health professional help, such as, feeding food, passive body turning and limbs moving to avoid pressure sore or decubitus ulcer, knocking the back to prevent pneumonia.         

Parkinsoní»s disease is chronic progressive disease. The patients can be different age and the course of disease will be not the same. At the early stage of the disease, the patients can work and take care their own life. The important thing is to use nature way, such as, acupuncture or Yin TuiNa to help them to release stress quickly, and strengthen their kidney and balance their liver at the same time, and prevent or slow down Parkinsoní»s disease. I also would suggest them to do exercise to keep their joints flexible. Tai Chi Qi Gong is one of proper exercises.