Uterus Fibroid Tumor, Go Away!

By Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD.


Uterus fibroid tumor is a common disorder in gynecology. It is estimated that twenty to thirty percent of all women develop uterus fibroid tumors. The tumors tend to form during the late thirties and early forties, and then to shrink after menopause.

Western medicine has not got the reasons for uterus fibroid tumor. But it is fund that it may have something to do with estrogen, or with genetics. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks uterus fibroid tumor is related with the balance of the internal organs and the function of the liver. Also the liver meridian (the Chi channel) goes through the womens organs. According to the Five Elements theory, the kidney generates the liver and is the mother of the liver. The concept of the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine is different from the Western medicine. It talks about the kidney system including uterus, ovaries, adrenal gland, and etc. The unbalance of the kidney also influences the function of the liver to cause to have the stagnation of Chi & blood and to grow abnormal cells around the uterus.

After getting uterus fibroid tumor, the shape of the uterus would change. The normal uterus is about as big as an egg. Its surface is smooth. Its structure includes three layers. The external one is serous layer, the middle one is muscular layer, and the internal one is mucous layer. Uterus fibroid tumor involves not only the uterus, but also sometimes the cervix. But the fibroid tumors are fund more around the uterus than around the cervix.

Uterus fibroid tumor is a kind of benign tumor. Few cases may change into malignant tumors. The uterus fibroid tumors around the cervix have higher risk than around the uterus to become malignant tumors. Uterus fibroid tumors can grow in different positions of the uterus. Some may be fund under serous layer and develop turning outside of the uterus. About seventy percent may grow in muscular layer. A few may be checked out in mucous layer and develop turning inside of the uterus. The women with uterus fibroid tumors may lead to infertility. If they are pregnant, they may be easy to have miscarriage.

Patients may have different symptoms due to the uterus fibroid tumors in different places and with different sizes. Generally, the uterus fibroid tumors in serous layer may develop very big that will press on other organs to cause various symptoms. For example, if the uterus fibroid tumors press on the bladder, the symptoms may be frequent urine or retention of urine. If the uterus fibroid tumors press on the rectum, the symptoms may be constipation. The uterus fibroid tumors in muscular layer will enlarge the endometrium resulted as heavy menstrual bleeding, or prolonged menstrual period. The uterus fibroid tumors in mucous layer also will enlarge the endometrium led to uterus irregular bleeding, or prolonged menstrual period. Additionally, the gland around the uterus may be increased to cause more vaginal discharge. If there is infection involved, the vaginal discharge may be bloody or purulent.

The women who want to get pregnancy may be suggested to have surgery done. There may not be surgery unless the tumors are causing medical problems or their sizes are too large. The alternative medicine that is traditional Chinese medicine may balance the internal organs, smooth the Chi of the liver in order to shrink or remove the tumors. That may use the combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tai Chi Qi Gong and proper diet. The tumors may be shrink helped by Acupuncture and Chinese herbs with the onset menopause.  Anyway, There is about fifty percent chance that new tumors will form later. So to prevent uterus fibroid tumors is highly recommended. Acupuncture is one of the best solutions. Keeping calm mood and eliminating stress quickly are also important.