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 It is with great pleasure that we introduce a course where in 10 sessions you may learn one of the oldest Chinese exercises. This exercise is called as “Tai Chi Qi Gong”. It has thousands and thousands of years of history and has helped many people in the world improve their health by balancing the body, breathing deeply, increasing energy, improving immunity and preventing diseases.


Do You Know:

Tai Chi Qi Gong Exercise

Can Help You To Live Healthy


Please Call Li Hua, TCMD, L.Ac. For Classes Today!!!






“Tai Chi Qi Gong” class will be offered at Atlanta Acupuncture Center on Saturdays Please make the payment to Atlanta Acupuncture Center.



1) Please do not attend the class with empty or full stomach. You should eat at least 1 or 2 hours before the class.

2)   Please arrive 10 minutes early.

3)   Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


More Information, please call 404-250-9903