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TuiNa – Chinese Medical Massage


TuiNa is a kind of special technique or therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors use their hands and energy to manipulate constantly to on patients’ skin, muscle tissue along the meridians (Chi channels) and acupoints in order to cure health problems and make body balance. TuiNa as a treatment method has a long history. Chinese medical history book has been recorded that Qin Dynasty (over 2000 years ago) famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor Bian Que had used TuiNa to treat his patients.


TuiNa can improve circulation and metabolism and balance energy. Especially, it is safe and effective for chronic health problems or deficient body condition patients. TuiNa is also used to treat babies and children. It can strengthen their immune system and help them grow up strong. TuiNa has the function of prevention and keeping healthy. For complicated diseases, TuiNa treatment also can be combined with acupuncture or Chinese herbs or Western medicine. But for some health problems, such as tumor, cancer, acute pyogenic appendicitis, intestinal perforation, cholecystitis caused by biliary ascarises, acute infectious diseases etc., because they come on urgently, TuiNa can be the assistant treatment instead of main treatment.


TuiNa indication: muscle strain, muscle atrophy, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica, migraine headaches, Trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), acute and chronic arthritis, asthma attack (hard breathing), nervous vomiting, indigestion, gastroptosis, chronic gastritis, habitual constipation, stress, insomnia and menstruation pain. The condition such as, with period, pregnancy, or bone broken etc. should report to the doctor before the TuiNa treatment.


There are many manipulations in TuiNa treatment. The main eight manipulations are: pressing, rubbing, pushing, holding, kneading, pinching, shaking and beating. In clinic, these manipulations are mutual coordination to be used. TuiNa has different styles such as styles of south, north, college, Yang and Yin. According to patients’ conditions, one style or combined styles can be used.