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How To Help Headache?

Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD


Headache can be located in different areas of the head, such as fore headache, temple headache, top headache, back headache, behind eye headache, etc.  Headache can be dull or severe. Headache can be caused by different diseases or health unbalance. There is a very common kind of headache resulted with stress called Tension Headache. Tension headache may cause simply with the muscle over contract, feeling anxious, depress, insomnia, eye problems, eye tiredness or stress. Tension headache starts from the back of head with neck and shoulder heavy and tight. Tension headache usually is on the side of head. My patients describe that the head seems wear heavy hat, or bind tightly with a belt. Most my patients have had the tension headache for ten or more years. They took medicines to relief the tension headache. These medicines can relax the muscle, keep mind calm and stop pain, but taking them for long term, it may hurt their stomach or cause temperately edema. Recently, job layout adds more stress and makes more people to experience the tension headache. Generally, taking medicine, drinking a little wine, massage, or taking hot both that may temperately release the tension headache. But acupuncture treatment has more steady, permanent effective result without any side effects. Before seeing the acupuncture doctor, there is a simple method to reduce the symptom. You may try it by pressing on the carotid and decreasing pulse speed to relief the symptom. If the tension headache is on one side, just only press on the same side of the carotid. No matter what kind of headaches are, you should see a doctor to find out what it causes and then select the treatment plan. And acupuncture usually is main or assisted treatment method for headaches. Here I would like to introduce a way you may do yourself to lower the pain level. Use fingers to press on the two ends of medial eyebrows and temple area for about 5 - 10 minutes. I suggest doing Tai Chi Qi Gong every day and get TuiNa treatment one or two times a month can prevent headaches.