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How To Help Menopause Syndromes Naturally?

Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD


Do you notice that sometimes you feel your face warm or hot without reason? Do you feel sweat easily without moving or just little moving? Do you notice your hands and feet are usually cold? Do you notice your low back aching more and more? Do you sometimes feel palpitation or difficult breathing? Are you mad or sad easily? If your answer is “yes”, you may get menopause syndromes. Many women feel nervous and anxious before or during menopause. Some people think they are old and move to the dusk time of life. Some people often have insomnia and feel depressed and fearful alternatively.

Truthfully, menopause is just one stage of man’s life traveling. Everyone have to go through this stage. The body hormone changes at this stage. Some people cannot be found anything wrong, but just not feel good. The main reason to cause menopause is the female hormone – estrogen secreted from the ovary decreased. Traditional Chinese Medicine thinks the main reason is the kidney Chi deficiency. Beside this, the responsibility to family and enterprise, children growing up and leaving family led to loneliness, not get enough caring and understanding from family and colleagues, these stresses can make menopause syndromes worse.

Recently, there are many ways to treat menopause syndromes. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the best natural ways to balance the hormone to help menopause syndromes. For thousands and thousands years, Chinese people have used traditional Chinese medicine to prove it. Traditional Chinese medicine has no side effect and is used safely directed by professionals. I may suggest, before menopause coming, it is better prepare well mentally, working and resting on schedule, not working “crazy” that can consume the kidney Chi (vital energy) and result with hormone unbalance, eat balance meals, do Tai Chi Qi Gong exercise or other exercises every day. If you already have menopause syndromes, such as insomnia, palpitation, depressed, headache, pain in back or joints, acupuncture or TuiNa (Chinese medical massage) are very effective; such as hot flash, sweat, tiredness, irritable, cold hands and feet etc. many Chinese herbal formulas can help without side effect. At same time, I hope their family and colleagues can understand and give them more care during this stage, which is important during treatment. I think it is also important to need to prevent heart disease, hypertension, mental problem, osteoporosis, and diabetes that are common problems in this stage. But it is not bad. At the same time, the menopause stage also means that the second spring of life is coming soon.