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Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD



Cupping is a kind of natural therapy and belongs to needleless acupuncture. It takes a cup as a tool to be put on certain meridians and acupoints to treat and prevent health problems. The cup usually is made of bamboo, pottery, glass or plastic. Cupping does not break the skin, no bleeding, no pain, only feeling suction and getting red or purple marks, no infection risk, save and effective. In China, thousands years ago, cupping was used mainly for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) surgery, for example, to treat discharge pus when treating sores (skin and external disease). As time passed, cupping also has been used in treating internal illness. Like moxibustion, cupping generally is used together with acupuncture. In clinic, when cupping is used with acupuncture, sometimes requiring making bleeding with needle and then doing the cupping according to patients according to patients’ condition. Before doing bleeding cupping method, always require to discussing with patients.