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Take Care Of Your Eye Through TCM


Eye is the window of the heart. How to take care of the eye? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thinks eye health is related with diet. It is important for up holding the function of the eye and preventing eye diseases to select various foods, antioxygen vitamins, Vitamin A, Zinc and high density lipoprotein (HDL).

       The antioxygen Vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, can eliminate the abnormal accumulated oxidants out of the body to avoid eye damages. For example, if the eye is short of these necessary Vitamins, the eye will produce cataract praecox that is the retina degeneration. I suggest you should eat more dark green color vegetables and various fruits to supplement Vitamin C. Additionally, I suggest you may add the plants seeds to your diet to get enough Vitamin E, such as walnut, peanut, pine nut, seamen seeds, etc. At the same time, to be sure the digestive system function properly. So the body can absorb the nutrition sufficiently.

       Vision decreased at night or having dry eye syndrome that may relate with Vitamin A deficiency. The previous material of Vitamin A is carotene. So I suggest eating more carrot, tomato, etc. You may add deep-sea fish or cod liver oil to your supplements. It is also essential for keeping eye healthy to have enough zinc and HDL. It has been found in clinic that zinc is related with senile macular pathologic change. HDL has the function of promoting blood circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis, improving intra-ocular blood circulation, preventing intra-ocular bleeding and thrombotic infarct. Generally, sea products are rich in zinc and HDL.

       According to TCM, eye is the gate of the liver. Taking care of the liver is good for the eye. Nourishing the liver and cleaning the heat of the liver are both important. Spring is special season to take care of the liver. If the nutrition is not gained enough in winter, nourishing the liver is needed in spring. If the nutrition is taken over during the wintertime, cleaning the liver heat is recommended in spring. Both of nourishing and cleaning the heat can be done with acupuncture and Chinese herbs assisted with proper diet and doing Tai Chi Qi Gong. Keeping balance positive mood is necessary, too because the up-down mood can hurt the liver and influence the eye function. After using computer a lot or driving long hours, TuiNa (Chinese medical massage) is suggested to receive to relieve the eye stress and improve the eye blood circulation. It is also good for the eye to get enough sunshine and add sour-taste food in spring.