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Pollen Allergy


Around March every year, some people start sneezing, running nose, and tearing. If winter is cold and long, pollen seems slow down. From March to May, it is the season that the pollen allergy patients feel miserable. All things on earth revive. Plants put forth new buds and flowers bloom. The allergy sources: pollen dust, mite, fungi mould, etc, will wake up after sleeping through the wintertime. These make people have allergy reactions. According to the statistics of American Asthma Allergy Association, there are about 25 million (25,000,000) people to have seasoning allergy are different, the symptoms are different, which including sneezing, stuffy nose, tearing, skin distention, itching eyes, ears and throat, drainage, difficult breathing or hard to sleep.


The common seasoning allergy is pollen. Atlanta is a city full of flowers and trees. Not only there is pollen in the spring, but also there is also pollen in the other seasons. We have to see which kind of pollen cause the allergy, the pollen is not limited the one flying with the wind. The most pollen comes from trees and grass. From March to May, the main pollen comes from grass, wild flowers and wild trees. The pollen index in the air will rise with these plants growing. Around May, the main pollen comes from Oak, Maple, White Birch and etc. This phenomenon will last the whole summer and extend till autumn. After people breath in with the sensitinogen, the sensitinogen will stimulate the nose membrane. And then the antibody will be formed. When continuously contacting the same stimulation, there will be the mutual counteraction, which make the cells release the histamine that irritate the nose membrane lead to the allergy symptoms.


There are many ways to treat allergy. You may get medicine or allergy injection from your physicians. You may get anti-allergy plaster for your congestive nose. You may have acupuncture treatment to remove the allergy. If you are afraid of acupuncture treatment, TuiNa (Chinese medical massage) and Chinese herbs may be your alternative solution. I think it is important to increase the immunity to prevent the allergy. To increase the immunity, the first, the diet is needed to consider. You may consult with your doctors what should eat balance, or you may visit to get healthy food receipts every month. The second, I recommend to do Tai Chi Qi Gong every day. This exercise involves gentle body movement, meditation and breathing together that strengthens the breathing system, immunity and energy. The third, certain acupuncture points have the function of improving immunity. If you have acupuncture or TuiNa done on schedule, your immunity will be ameliorated; your energy will be increased and your stress will be released. And the pollen allergy will be prevented