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Mení»s í░Menopauseí▒


You probably have heard women have menopause. Have you heard men have, too? Do men have this special period? Yes, men have.

Because peopleí»s life is longer than old time, and more and more people have had experienced the syndromes, scientists and doctors are making research on it. It is found that men have í░menopauseí▒ similar like women. Mení»s í░menopauseí▒ means a special period that there are obvious changes of chemistry, hormone and physiology inside body. Generally, men start í░menopauseí▒ around 50 ĘC 60 years old (for women between 45 ĘC 55 years old). In clinic, some men start to have í░menopause syndromesí▒ early at 35 years old; some men start late at 65 years old.

It is natural to have inside body changes. But they can influence mení»s life style, physical condition and psychology and relationship with people. Mení»s í░menopauseí▒ syndromes are explained simple that the parts of the body gradually emerge ageing phenomena, which may include: Neurovascular Unbalance  No matter in winter or in an air conditional room, dry hot coming from inside body and night sweats can be happened suddenly, which can interrupt the sweet dream and make you feeling frustrated and tired as wake up in the morning. Skin Ageing  Skin care sounds like only for women. But men want to look young and strong, too. In mení»s menopause, the skin is getting dry and decreasing its bright. Face, neck, hands, feet and limbs are adding wrinkles or pigmented spots quietly. The muscles are getting looser. Cardiovascular Functional Changing  Enlarged heart, arteriosclerosis, and etc. may appear. Different Digestive System   Irregular bowel movement comes and goes. Weak Urinary System  There is more night urine. Men may have frequent, thin and difficult urine. Prostate cancer needs to be prevented. Unsteady Mood   Psychotropic drugs could not help insomnia, impatient, anxiety and depression

There are other changes in mení»s menopause. If he gets an injury or sick, taking longer time to recovered. It is easy to be tired, get weight, low vision, decrease memory, lose hair, feel worry, lone son, fearful, angry without reason and difficult concentrate. When he does something, feel not to have enough confidence. At this period, men decrease the sex desire and feel anxious and scared due to sexual drive low. There is a crisis in their sex life and reins life. Impotence results from psychology and physiology and physical body. It is not the problem only in mení»s menopause. It is can be prevented and treated. Also some drugs have the side effect of impotence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has its way to help men to get old slowly. In clinic, each person has his individual treatment plan. Generally, Chinese special diet can help you to slow down the organs ageing. Certain Chinese herbs can correct the uncomfortable feeling. Acupuncture and TuiNa can increase blood circulation and improve immunity and strengthen the body. Please remember to do Tai Chi Qi Gong, do Yin exercise (quiet exercise, such as meditation or pray or painting or listening music), do Yang exercise (active exercise, such as running or swimming or hiking or dancing). In a word, take care of your body early, especially, the liver and the kidney, correct the unbalance life style, you are always young men and the symbol of Yang.