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Prostate Cancer & TCM

Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD


Prostate cancer is a common cancer. Usually, patients have frequently urination, especially at night. As the condition develops, patients can feel their urine stream become thinner and longer and have urinary pain and retention. Bloody urine can occur in the latest stages. If the back pain occurs, it may be a symptom of prostate cancer metastasis. At the latest stage, the prostate cancer can be metastasis through lymph glands and blood to invade bones and organs, such as the pelvis, lumbar vertebrae, femur, lung or liver.


Prostate cancer is probably caused by an imbalance between male and female hormones. TCM believes prostate cancer belongs to the TCM diagnosis of Xue Lin (difficult and painful urination complicated hematuria), Lao Lin (difficult and painful urination due to overstrain) and Long Be (retention of urine), which is caused by the deficiency of kidney chi, blocking of chi and blood and stagnation of violent heat-pathogen. Its treatment principle is to strengthen kidney chi, nourish chi and blood, promote diuresis, remove the stagnation, and clear away heat and balance yin and yang.


To treat cancer with acupuncture (needleless acupuncture), moxibustion and TuiNa are based on the same treatment principles as Chinese herbal medicine. Sometimes, only Chinese herbal medicine is used, sometimes combinations of techniques are used. TCM has the ability to build up the energy and immunity. Also in China, most cancer patients are on a Qi gong (exercise) program. Tai Chi Qi Gong is one kind of them. Clinic result have proved that Qi gong functions to cure the cancer or decrease the cancer cells or play a great role in assisting other therapies.


Chinese Herbal Diet is the special therapy of TCM. Eating different foods balances the organs, activates chi and blood, and improves immunity in order to support the healthy chi and eliminate the pathogenic factors. The recipes (menus) of the herbal diet should be selected according to the same principle as Chinese herbal medicine. The use of Chinese herbal diet has to be directed by the TCM theories. The actual condition of diseases, the season of the year and the local condition have to be considered.


Cancer is not a hopeless disease. Fear may make it worse. Confidence and positive thoughts always are requested because one thought can build up everything and also can destroy everything. It is always required to have a healthy diet, balance work and rest, get proper exercise and see your doctor for examination, treatment and prevention.