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Breast Cancer & TCM


Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD



Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the US. Here are two examples of women I treated for it.


Breast Cancer Case 1: A woman, are 51, had breast cancer surgery three months ago with postoperative radiation therapy. The local skin formed a skin ulcer, which caused severe pain so she hardly slept at night. She also had fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, and low fever. She took western medicine without benefit. TCM believes her problem is caused by the deficiency of chi, yin and spleen. Toxic material was retained in her muscles and skin. I gave her the herbs to take orally and externally applied herbs on the skin ulcer. She recovered with resolution of the ulcer.


Breast Cancer Case 2:  A woman, age 43, had a breast cancer on the left side, diagnosed in the spring of 1988.  She had surgery done at that time and five months after the surgery, the cancer cells had metastasized to the right breast, both armpits and the neck. Her pulse was thin and weak with a yellow coating on her tongue. I gave her a different herbal mixture than the woman in the previous case. After one month of taking the herbs, the tumors had become smaller. After taking the herbs for four months, the tumors had disappeared completely. She then came back to the hospital for a check up every six months and no cancer cells were found. She has been followed up for six years with her cancer in remission.


For these two patients, as well as other cancer patients, they not only took Chinese herbs, got acupuncture or TuiNa treatments, but also they did Tai Chi Qi Gong exercises, added fruits and foods to their diet, such as orange, apricot, haw, tomato and carrot. I also have other suggestions that may help you prevent and cure breast cancer. For example, look at our world or life in different way and think positive. Learn how to give your life anew meaning; meditate; enjoy giving and receiving love. Practice Tai Chi Qi Gong, moving meditation and visualization. Cook vegetables for only a short time, and cook rice or noodles longer with more water. Eat more sour, acidic foods or fruits, such as yogurt, vinegar, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, dark plums, and wild jujubes. Take time to eat and eat at regularly scheduled times; listen to soft, light music with nature sounds like the sea, rivers, mountain and forest settings.  Spend time in your garden, a park or the countryside. Monitor menstruation for regularity of cycles, looking out for breast tenderness and PMS. Try to nurse if you are having a baby; get massages regularly; and have your breast checked by your doctor or yourself regularly.