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Lung Cancer & TCM


Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD





TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes lung cancer is caused by the deficiency of vital chi, and the imbalance of yin and yang. When the lungs are already weakened by emotional, mental or physical causes, then they are susceptible to attack from pathogenic chi.


Lung Cancer Case 1:  A man, age 68, was diagnosed in September 1986 with lung cancer. His main complaints were coughing with bloody mucus and chest pain, which was continuously getting worse. He was treated by chemotherapy and TCM.  His main symptoms were dry mouth, bitter taste, nausea, poor appetite, fatigue, and dizziness and yellow urine. His pulse was soft and rapid. His tongue was coated with a thin yellow greasy film.  According to TCM, his symptoms were due to the stagnation of lung chi. After one-year Chinese medicine treatment, his symptoms were gone. He was followed up for six years and was healthy.


Lung Cancer Case 2:  A man, age 36, was diagnosed with lung cancer. His main symptoms were coughing with white thick mucus for six months, bloody sputum for seven days. He looked pale, sounded hoarse, and had a red tongue and thin rapid pulse. After four-months Chinese medicine treatment, he recovered.


Both men were given herbs. I also suggested to them to add some steamed carrot, fresh carrot juice, home made pear soup and fresh pears to their diet. These things can improve the immunity and anti-lung-cancer and nourish the lung and moisten the throat. When I treated them, I selected Chinese herbs as main treatment with acupuncture, and applying herbs to acupuncture points as assisted treatment. Acupuncture is applied to activate the lung vital chi and remove the pathogenic chi and make yin and yang balance. The lungs function to dominate chi and control respiration.  Lungs through breathing in, takes fresh natural external chi to support whole body activities; gets rid of internal waste chi through breathing out.  The nose is the gate of the lungs. Because Tai Chi Qi Gong includes breathing exercises, it can help a person breathe more properly. Tai Chi Qi Gong is the exercise to strengthen and balance the whole body system as well as the lungs. It not only assists in the cure lung of cancer, but also can prevent lung cancer and other illness and diseases. I suggest that lung cancer patients get western medicine and TCM treatments and change their life style; stop smoking by acupuncture or hypnotherapy; eat healthy; try to maintain a positive mental attitude; do Tai Chi Qi Gong or some light slow movement every day; sing some songs; live in dry rooms with not too high or low temperature and use the colors pink, yellow and green in their rooms.