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Tai Chi Qi Gong



Qi Gong has a lot of styles. Tai Chi Qi Gong is one of them. As a medical fitness activity, it has a several thousand-year history in China. As time passed, ancient Chinese people gradually realized that certain actions, breathing and sound can regulate certain functions of the human body, such as extending the limbs being able to dissipate heat, huddling up the body to keep out cold, the sound “xu” to alleviate (relieve) pain, the sound of “hei” to subdue and discharge physical strength, etc.


Tai Chi Qi Gong is an art and a skill to train Qi. Qi  is vital energy, the force of life and power of blood circulation. The quality and the quantity of Qi are dependent on how much and what kind of Qi we received at birth from our ancestors, our breathing, foods and drinks and overall lifestyle. Every living being has Qi. When Qi is low, the energy is low and immunity is low. If there is no Qi, there is no life. We may think of Qi as an electrical current. Qi animates our being. Our meridians and organs are like the hardware, wires, transformers, power plants, through which the electrical current (Qi) moves and becomes amplified, stored and routed. Tai Chi Qi Gong practices assist Qi circulation and flow, storage and regeneration.


Tai Chi Qi Gong is a method by which we get breathing, physical and mental self-exercise. To reach this goal, we must associate our mind postures and breathing. On one hand, it actively self-regulates the functional activities of our body and maintains a dynamic equilibrium. On the other hand, it enables the body to have an “energy-storing” reaction, reduce energy consumption and increase energy accumulation, balance Yin and Yang, open the meridians and emit external Qi.


Tai Chi Qi Gong is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular fitness. It can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, as well as obesity. It can aid in detoxification, digestion, and immune processes and can do wonders for mood and attitude. It can improve oxygen supply, balance the autonomic nervous system, strengthen lymphatic function and help the body to resist cancer. In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors use it as one of therapies to treat cancer patients. There is a laboratory demonstration that shows Qi Gong can reduce 30% cervical cancer cells, 50% flu viruses and 60-80% bacteria.


Qi Gong can be practiced by healthcare professionals to heal their patients and also can be practiced to improve energy, relieve stress, balance the body and increase immunity. In recent years, it has been widely added to treat many chronic diseases and conditions such as:






Chronic hepatitis

Dry mouth and throat






Heart disease


Irritable bowel syndrome


Menopausal syndrome


Pain problems

Sinus problems


Weight control

It also can serve as anesthetic in certain surgeries. Some healers and myself use Qi Gong in some patients, so the patients do not need as much pain medicine after the surgery. For bone broken patients, after their plaster bandage taken off, I used Qi Gong to heal for them in the clinic, the patients not only got their pain controlled, but also had their broken bone healed and functioned sooner than usual.


Tai Chi Qi Gong is also a tool that can help you to obtain energy from the natural world, such as mountains, plants and water. Its movements are slow and gentle and slower the movement, the more energy you can receive. Tai Chi Qi Gong combines the internal calm, and peaceful concentration with external whole body active movement. It incorporates the mind, breathing, meditation and physical body movement. It is a type of spirit, mind and bodywork that helps balance Yin and Yang, harmonize the whole body system, increase immunity, and prevent illness and diseases. It is good for people of all ages