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Li Hua, L.Ac. TCMD


Liver & TCMD



The liver is one of important organs. In human body, the red blood cells are constantly dieing and birthing, and re-birthing and re-dieing. There are about 10 thousands red blood cells died every second. The liver must take care of them and keep them well for re-using. Then to produce new red blood cells for the human body’s using. Scientist have approved that red blood cells have the function to improve immunity and anticancer.


The liver can create antibody coagulation factor that can protect human body with stopping bleeding when human body gets injury. The liver also can transform amino acid or animal protein into human protein. If the protein is over, the liver will change the unnecessary over part into urine and send it to the kidney and remove out the body. In addition, the bile comes from the liver and goes into the gallbladder, then, flows into the duodenum located between the stomach and the small intestine. When we eat, the bile is secreted to help digestion and clean the fat sediment.


The liver has the function of detoxification. Such as the coffee we drink, the cigarette we smoke or the drugs we take, if with out the liver function of detoxification, we can be die very quickly. When we drink wine, the liver can transform the alcohol, which enough gathered in the blood to kill us, into innocuous carbon dioxide and water.  When we eat food, especially sweet food, the liver can change the sugar in the intestine into glucose. If excessive glucose goes into the blood, we will be in a coma or die, which seems like diabetic patients lose control blood sugar. But the liver can turn the excessive glucose into glycogen that can be kept in the liver. When needed, the liver will turn the glycogen back to glucose. When we over work, or over exercise, the glucose will release the deadly lactic acid. The liver can collect them back and change them into glycogen, which can be used later as energy.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all illnesses could not deviate from stagnation; and all stagnations would relate with the liver. TCM thinks the liver stores blood, maintains the free flow of Qi that involves emotional activity and digestion, controls the tendons, manifests in the nails and opens into the eye. The liver influences all organs illnesses, such as nerve system, digestion system, breath system, etc. also females problems (breast cancer, fibril tumor, irregular menstruation). TCM has had many ways to treat liver problems for thousands years. And the boring of Western Medicine (WM) has extended TCM, the combination of TCM and WM has given the liver problem patients new hope.


I think it is important to take of liver and prevent liver problems. First, eating balance food, for example, when you eat spicy or hot peppery food, you may mix with some sesame oil which can moist the organs and cool the temperature. Second, smoothing the mood, such as, when you feel irritable or depressed, you may change the angle to think, or may talk with your psychologist, hypnotherapies, Chinese medicine doctors or your closest friend, or may receive acupuncture treatment, in order not to stagnate the Qi flowing and not to influence the liver function. Third, do proper exercise, for instance, when you do some Yang exercise (running, lifting weight, swimming, etc.), you may combine with Yin exercise (meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong), or may simply do Tai Chi Qi Gong exercise that includes Yin and Yang both exercises together. Forth, taking medicine, herbs vitamins and supplements directed by professionals. As you know, the liver is a kind of body filter as well as kidney. You may not realize that over taking vitamins can damage the liver. It is better to often consult with your doctors.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, patients have the same problem; they may be not given the same herbs, which depend on individual condition. When you need to get Western medicine, you may ask your doctor how much damage the drugs can give to the liver. It is true that some drugs can damage the liver a lot, such as Halothane (for anesthesia), Phenytoin (for epilepsy), Acetaminophen (for pain), Glipizide (for diabetes), Doxorubicin (for cancer), etc. If you do not to take these drugs for long terms directed by your doctors, your liver can handle them without problems. I suggest selecting acupuncture, TuiNa (Chinese medical massage), Chinese herbs and other natural ways to treat health problems, and using Western medicine if needed.