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Asthma Can Be Helped

 By Li Hua, L. Ac.

Asthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airway. During an asthma attack, spasms in the muscles surrounding the small airways in the lungs construct, stopping stale air out and fresh air in. The patients have a kind of feeling that seems almost to drown in the water. Asthma can be happened in any season of the year. It is usually worse during fall and winter. Weather changing, pollen, un-fresh air, food allergy, and mood switching, over working or flu can make asthma active. But the low immunity is the basic cause. Asthma can be happened among Children, adults and seniors. The   common symptoms are coughing, short or difficult breathing, wheezing, chest congestion, no sweating or spontaneous sweating, stuffy nose, fatigue and dry lips. These symptoms are generally worse at night.

I always remember these feelings because I had bronchitis asthma when I was one and half years old. I stood at the border of life and death and struggled everyday. It was Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) giving me the second life. This is also why I want to be a TCM doctor. With working in clinic for many years, I have tried to make research how help asthma patients recover quickly. I feel there are three main acupoints are very effective in treating asthma. They are FeiShu (BL 13), TaiYuan (LU 9) and FengLong (ST 40). According to the í░Five Elementsí▒ theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the earth (spleen) generates the metal (lung). TaiYuan (LU 9) is the earth acupoints of the lung meridian and is used together with FeiShu (BL 13) led to tonify the lung. Fenglong (ST40) belongs to the stomach meridian, but it has the function of relieving cough, stopping asthma and eliminating phlegm. As you know, acupuncture is a technique to apply needles on the certain acupoints, which can influence the nerve system, the organs function, endocrine and etc. It helps people naturally and quickly. It is true, the acupuncture makes people nervous, especially, makes children scared. But acupuncture needle is as thin as hair and is applied on the body without pain. If there is pain, the pain seems like mosquito biting. If children can cooperate, acupuncture is selected. Otherwise, acupressure or needleless acupuncture can be the substitute.

Some patients may not reinforce their lung function quickly or may have weak digestion system due to take western medicine. Chinese herbs are suggested to be used together with acupuncture to get better result. Some patients may get streak scleroma along the second and the third thoracic vertebrae. The nerves of controlling the heart and the lung come out from the intervertebral foramen between the first and fifth thoracic vertebrae. When the thoracic vertebrae are malposition, the muscle beside of the vertebrae will be tight to protect the vertebrae. If not take care of it, the muscle along the second and third thoracic vertebrae may be atrophy and calcific due to abnormal blood circulation. The intervertebral foramen may become narrower by pressing to influence the nerves. The function of the heart and the lung may be decreased. So TuiNa (Chinese medical massage) or cupping is suggested to add on to get better result.

After recovering from asthma, prevention is recommended. Tai Chi Qi Gong is one of the best exercises for asthma, which includes gentle body movement, meditation and breathing exercise. It is proper to improve immunity and increase energy at this stage. If asthma is often happened in summer, it is better to have acupuncture or Chinese herbal treatment in wintertime for prevention. Contrarily, it is better to get acupuncture or Chinese herbal treatment in summertime if asthma is generally relapsed in winter. Salty, sweet or spicy food should be controlled. Keep happy and positive mood. Remember working, but not forget resting. New life is coming.