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Li Hua, L. Ac., certified by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. She was selected to serve on the Acupuncture Advisory Committee for the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners in Georgia.

Dr. Li Hua was trained in China and had worked in China National Acupuncture Research Center, which is one of the largest traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, for eight years before coming to the United States. Since moving to Atlanta in 1994, she has worked together with many medical doctors and health providers to help her patients. She is well respected by fellow professionals and patients alike. Her professional ability as an acupuncturist, her high skill of oriental bodywork TuiNa and her knowledge of oriental herbal protocols have demonstrated positive outcomes to her patients.

       Dr. Li Hua has been invited several times to lecture for Atlanta Holistic Physicians Association on ��Traditional Chinese medicine��, ��Using acupuncture (needleless acupuncture)��, ��Energy, immunity and Traditional Chinese Medicine��.  She has lectured on ��Traditional Chinese Medicine�� and ��Needleless Acupuncture Increasing Energy�� at Whole Life Expo of Atlanta. She has also been to many churches, groups, organizations and communities to educate people in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Li Hua was the co-host on the weekly holistic medicine radio shows �� Dr. Susan on Call�� from August of 1998 to August of 2001. Dr. Mitchell Ghen interviewed her twice on ��Began A Ghen�� radio shows in 1999. She was invited to speak about Women��s health issues helped by Traditional Chinese Medicine on WSB radio station in 2000. Her high skills in acupuncture and TuiNa; her knowledge of Chinese herbs; her professional manners and kindness in treating her patients have been reported in different newspapers and magazines (��The Atlanta Journal-Constitution�� (2000), ��Atlanta Magazine�� (2000), and ��Atlanta Sports And Fitness�� (1999). Channel 11 TV News reported how she used Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture to stop cigarette addiction (2000). CNN TV News and CNN TV ��Your Health Segment�� also reported how she uses Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture to help allergy (2000). She was interviewed by Amanda Davis on Fox5 News explaining the use of electricity with acupuncture (2002). Dr. Li Hua has worked very diligently with her professional colleagues to try to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into Western Medicine, and has done extensive public education work. She has written articles such as ��Common Cold��, ��Traditional Chinese Medicine��, and ��Cancer��, ��Cancer Patients Herbal Diet ��,�� Chinese Herb Buyer��s Guide and Chinese Healthy Food Cooking Recipes. The article ��Integrative Team Approach to Breast Carcinoma�� was published on International Journal of Integrative Medicine Vol. 1, No.4 July/August 1999. She has taught people about ��Tai Chi Qi Gong�� and ��Needleless Acupuncture��. She wrote an instructive book �C ��Needleless Acupuncture Training Manual�� which has been an aid to understand acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine easily. She has written a monthly column in the magazine, ��Oracle 2000�� since January of 2001, informing people about Traditional Chinese Medicine.