Contact with Li Hua, L. Ac.

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Li Hua, L. Ac.  Diploma of NCCAOM,  an acupuncture advisor of the  medical board  in GA. She has a lot of clinical experience treating patients in China and USA. Her professional ability as an acupuncturist, her high skill of oriental bodywork TuiNa and her knowledge of oriental herbal protocols have demonstrated positive outcomes in her patients

Atlanta Acupuncture Center (AAC)

AAC is led by traditional Chinese medicine doctor Li Hua. It is located around Sandy Springs area in Atlanta.




TuiNa (Chinese medical massage),

Chinese herbs,

ear acupuncture,


Tai Chi Qi Gong, etc.


Illness (problems) can be helped in AAC:

Neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, knee pain, feet pain, migraine headache, digestion problem, irregular bowel movement, insomnia, depression, candida, yeast infection, urine track infection, frequent urine, PMS, irregular menopause syndrome. skin problems, weight control, smoking addiction, drug addiction, breast cancer, prostate cancer, allergies, immunity function, energy balance etc.



Service Hours:

Monday ! Friday,      8:00 am !! 8:00 pm

(after 4:00 pm, by appointment only)

Saturday,                   8:00 am !! 8:00 pm

(by appointment only)



Tel:        404-250-9903



Direction of Atlanta Acupuncture Center

Map 1 of Atlanta Acupuncture Center

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Pictures of Atlanta Acupuncture Center

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Healthy Diets: One of Chinese hot dishes and soups will be introduced here every month. It includes its picture and how it is cooked.


Hot dish:


How is it cooked



How is it cooked